Kiukart Exclusive

Kiukart Exclusive

Kiukart Saree

Epitomising Femininity

With Kiukart nurture classic beauty in best possible way

Kiukart Crafts

Quintessential Artistry

Decorate your home and your life with crafts carrying natal essence exclusively with Kiukart

Indian Modern Art

Contemporary Indian-ness

Explore the blend of Tradition with Modern Trend with a touch of Kiukart exclusivity

Kiukart Craft House

Traditional Tribute

Celebrates the Indian traditional arts

Patronises Exclusivity

Explore each unique Indian artifacts

Celebrating Craftsmanship

Rejoices artstic creations & their creators

  • Banglar Tant
  • Banglar Silk
  • Crafts of bengal
  • Kalinga Cotton Saree
  • Kalinga Silk Saree
  • Rajasthani Cotton Saree
  • Indian Modern Art
  • Madhubani Art
  • Indian Modern Fashion

What is Kiukart?

Glorifying Ethnicity

A platform celebrating the fading indigenous traditions & connecting new-age people with essential artistic roots through digital medium

Kiukart Speaks

Exclusivity of Kiukart

Unleash & explore the exclusive features of Kiukart to appreciate its ethnicity

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Unfolding Arts Globally

Display your Artistic Talents Globally with Kiukart