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Abstract Design Terracotta Multicolour Home Decorative Wall Hanging In Wooden Fame

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  • Abstract
  • Barasat
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  • Terracotta and Wooden
  • Rathin Karmakar

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Terracotta, derived from an Italian word, which means “cooked earth” is one of the oldest forms of art in the world, has found its place in the early civilisations of Harappa and Mohenjodaro, as early as 200 B.C The Bankura, Birbhum and Murshidabad districts of West Bengal are few of the prominent regions which is carrying forward this “cooked earth” - making creativity. Terracotta gods and goddesses, deities, bowls, musicians, horses, elephants, and other figures of people, animals, and birds and various other traditional themes are appreciable craftsmanship of Rathin Karmakar, who makes brilliant Abstract designed crafts under the Crafts of Bengal of Bengal Terracotta Art.

Crafts of Bengal


The themes generally being folk, patterns are fairly highlighted with traditional skill and explicit artwork. And the best designs of terracotta artwork, made out clay with a blend of two or three clays can be found near the river beds, pits and ditches of the districts of Murshidabad, Bimbhum and Bankura. The fuel used in the making of the designs is available from naturla resources like twigs, dry leaves or firewood. Various Abstract terracotta crafts under the Crafts of Bengal of Bengal Terracotta Art like is presented by the Rathin Karmakar.

Modern Meena


Terracotta Artwork Barasat from the Bishnupur and Bankaura districts of Bengal, has a time-consuming making process, which has given rise to several Abstract terracotta artworks under the Crafts of Bengal presented by the Rathin Karmakar. However, first the clay is refined and given a desired shape. It is dried under the sun, placed in the kiln, or atop combustible material in a pit, and then fired. The firing temperature is around 1000°C. And the iron contents give the fired body a yellow, orange, red “terracotta”, pink, grey or brown colour.

Modern Meena


Barasat from the creative talents of Bishnupur and Bankura districts of West Bengal, terracotta means “cooked earth” derived from an Italian word. It has however found its place in the early civilisations of Harappa and Mohenjodaro, as early as 200 B.C. As a symbol of man’s first step towards progress, mos;y used by the early Chinese, Western Columbians and Greeks, during the ancient times, various Abstract terracotta artwork under the Crafts of Bengal of Bengal Terracotta Art, presented by the Rathin Karmakar slowly made its way to India.

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