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Dhokra Crafted Round Shape Black and Maroon Necklace Set


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Dokra jewellery is one of the earliest form of craft-making practiced in India for almost the last five thousand years. Traditionally the artisans made jewelry for their own family members. It comprised of the typical antique patterns. Whereas today dokra jewelry has reached a different level and attained a modern visual appeal. The jewels made by the tribal dokra craftsmen of West Bengal carries both contemporary and antique value. Dhokra Crafted Round Shape Black and Maroon Necklace Set is one of the excellent creation of VASHUNDHARA of Dokra community who makes brilliant Round Shape desiged jewellery.

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Dokra Jewellery were worn in as early as Harappan period. Therefore, they used to have some antique patterns and rustic beauty which reflects the age-old tradition. Each piece of the dokra work is unique as only one mould can be used for one product. Though mostly dokra jewels are influenced by mythological, abstract or lifestyle patterns yet new designs comprise both contemporary and antique essence. The Dokra jewels are designed with the motifs of local lifestyle and myths with a modern finish. The Round Shape designed Dhokra Crafted Round Shape Black and Maroon Necklace Set is a brilliant dokra jewellery crafted by VASHUNDHARA which has high contemporary as well as traditional value.

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Dokra crafts are made by hollow casting of wax. To make dokra jewels in West Bengal, the artisans first make a basic clay mould over which wax threads are wrapped. Over this wax layer, another layer of clay is given and ducts are made in the casing. When hot molten metal is poured into the clay, the wax melts and drains through the ducts thus taking the shape of the inner clay mould, and forming the metal cast. VASHUNDHARA, the maker of this Dhokra Crafted Round Shape Black and Maroon Necklace Set, expertises in the craftsmanship of such Round Shape designed Dokra jewellery.

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A group of nomads have been successful in practicing this art of Dokra craft and jewellery making since Indus Valley Era to this modern age. There has been change in the thought process, lifestyle, form and appeal but their style remains the same. Initially the outcome of this craft were an essential part of their culture. Gradually with changing times and exposure to current trends the artisans have started entering Life Style market. The Bengal Dokra jewellers are part of the original Dokra tribe and retains the essence of traditional Dokra antiquity. VASHUNDHARA, the maker of Dhokra Crafted Round Shape Black and Maroon Necklace Set, is a part of that group who are carrying forward the tradition through the making of such Round Shape designed Dokra crafts.

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