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Madhubani Craft Sri Krishna & Gopi Design


Madhubani Craft Sri Krishna & Gopi Design


Design - Sri Krishna & Gopi Design .

Dyeing - Multicolour.

Origin - Madhuban.

Material - Acrylic.

$ 41
Processing Charge : $ 39(Customs charges Incl.)

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Madhubani Art


Sri Krishna & Gopi Design













Product description


Madhubani Paintings are symbolic of our ancient mythology, rich culture and the spirit of life which brings new hopes. Mythology, folk-themes and pastorals symbols decorate the canvas of Madhubani decoratives. Most of the Madhubani paintings are done by the women of villages around the present villages Madhubani and Mithila. In ancient times at some areas around these two villages, the bright colourful paintings were created on the mud walls of the huts. But the tradition has gradually changed and the paintings are now done on the cloth or paper canvas. Madhubani Craft Sri Krishna & Gopi Design is one of the excellent painting created by , a bearer of Madhubani painting tradition.


Modern Meena

Painting in Madhubani art are usually famous for describing some mythological events. The paintings generally depict the celebrated figures of Hindu deities, Gods, elements in nature, humans and animals as well as some geometrical shapes. The specialty of this art form is that no white or blank space is left in the design. Once the major figures are drawn, the rest of the area is covered with some geometrical graphics or natural motifs.The Sri Krishna & Gopi Design designed Madhubani Craft Sri Krishna & Gopi Design is a briliant madhubani painting designed by which carries the ancient cultural essence of the country.


Modern Meena

Madhubani art is completely eco-friendly and carry the essence of rustic and earthly creativity being a fruit of womens creative excellence. Madhubani paintings were done traditionally by the women of Madhubani district in Bihar on freshly plastered mud walls and floors of huts but now they are also done on cloth, handmade paper and canvas. The colours used inthe creation of these paintings are derived from plants and natural elements. The making of Madhubani art has been a proud example of an art form that exhibits Indian cultural vigor. is the carrier of this madhubani painting maker and Sri Krishna & Gopi Design designed Madhubani Craft Sri Krishna & Gopi Design is one of his excellent creations.


Modern Meena

Madhubani art is an example of India s ancient artistic excellence which originated from a small village named Maithili in Madhubani district of Bihar. Traditionally practiced by the women of the villages, its heritage goes back at least 2,500 years. Conventionally, this art was done to decorate and add colours to homes of the villagers. But with changing times, it is now even done on wall paintings and handmade products. This art of folk painting is passed down by the Maithili mothers to their daughters through ages. , the seller of Madhubani Craft Sri Krishna & Gopi Design, is carrying forward the tradition through the marketing of such Sri Krishna & Gopi Design designed Madhubani paintings.

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