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Meenakari Design Kumkum Box in Peacock Style


Meenakari Design Kumkum Box in Peacock Style-Part-1


Meenakari Design Kumkum Box in Peacock Style-Part-2


Meenakari Design Kumkum Box in Peacock Style


Sold by : Priyanka Vyas

Design - Meenakari.

Dyeing - Multicolour.

Origin - Rajasthan.

Material - Marble.

Weight - 350 Grams.

Height - 3 Inches.

$ 5
Processing Charge : $ 39(Customs charges Incl.)

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Indian Modern Art








Priyanka Vyas




Product description


Indian stone-craft is famous for Artistic meenakari work on the surface of marble and other stones. Though originated in Persia, Meenakari later became the cultural heritage of the Rajputs. Still the best of Meenakari handicrafts are the creations of the Rajasthani artists who excel in the colourful creation glimmering Meenakari works which involves the art of embedding precious jewels and metals into the surface of stones or marbles and also painting them with bright colours. Meenakari Design Kumkum Box in Peacock Style is one of the excellent creation of Priyanka Vyas, a talented craftsman of Rajasthan who makes brilliant Meenakari designed crafts.


Modern Meena

In the glorious history of Rajputana, Menakari designs decorated and glorified their invincible forts and magnificent palaces. Traditionally in designing Meenakari crafts milky white marbles were used by artists to bring life to human figures, landscapes and animals which were coloured vibrantly to enliven. With time the designs have been modified and is applied onto more modern products and more accessible materials, like bowls, ashtrays, key chains, vases, spoons, figures of deities, and wall pieces carved out of marbles or stones. The Meenakari designed Meenakari Design Kumkum Box in Peacock Style is a brilliant meenakari sculpting designed by Priyanka Vyas which has high contemporary as well as traditional value.


Modern Meena

Mostly marbles are used in the making of Meenakari handicrafts for its homogeneity and a relative resistance to shattering. Meenakari is the name of the method by which a design is engraved on marble and then painted with vibrant colours like red, green black, yellow or blue. It is an intricate process which involves fusing colored glass powders on metals. The making of Meenakari has been a painstaking process since the rajput times and till today that takes many hours or even days to complete. Priyanka Vyas uses this process in the making of this Meenakari designed Meenakari Design Kumkum Box in Peacock Style.


Modern Meena

Meenakari is an ancient art form, sometimes described as “poetry in stone”, which originated in Persia and flourished in Rajasthan of India during the sixteenth century. It is one of the integral part of the Rajputana glory that has been widely appreciated by the Mughals for its superb designs and combination of colours. Though originating in Persia, Jaipur in India later became the centre of Meenakari and still continues to be so. Priyanka Vyas, the maker of Meenakari Design Kumkum Box in Peacock Style, is a part of that group who are carrying forward the tradition through the making of such Meenakari designed Meenakari crafts.

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