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Designer Birds Glass Painting with Fusion Colour


Designer Birds Glass Painting with Fusion Colour


Sold by : Arpita's Collections

Design - Designer Birds.

Dyeing - Multicolour.

Origin - Kolkata.

Material - Glass Pianting.

Size - 5.5 x 16 Inch.

$ 23
Processing Charge : $ 39(Customs charges Incl.)

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Indian Modern Art


Designer Birds






Arpita's Collections



Glass Pianting

Product description


Indian Modern Art is that form of creativity which involves the tradition of juxtaposing contemporary art with popular culture, and folk art with urban trends. The idea originated with the advent of the colonial era in India when concept of sub-conscious started influencing human thoughts and art across the world and consequently left impact on Indian art. Modern painting introduced by new-age painters with valuable knowledge about world art welcomes inclusion of alternative artistic expressions within the traditional artistic creations, therefore, bringing a completely unconventional yet ethnic look to every material! Designer Birds Glass Painting with Fusion Colour is one of the excellent creation of Arpita's Collections, a talented Indian painter who makes brilliant Designer Birds designed crafts.


Modern Meena

With the advent of modern age art began to evolve and flourish. It no longer was solely under the clutches of tradition, religion or culture. New themes were now being explored. People learn to mix and match colours to create abstract designs. The traditional Indian themes and images are presented with a western style that adds a new dimension to these artistic creations. The Designer Birds designed Designer Birds Glass Painting with Fusion Colour, designed by Arpita's Collections carries high contemporary as well as traditional value and is a perfect example of the popular Modern art of India.


Modern Meena

A major characteristic of contemporary Indian Painting is that the technique and method have acquired a new significance. Form came to be regarded as separate entity and with its increasing emphasis it subordinated the content in a work of art. Art on the whole acquired an autonomy of its own and the artists as individuals began to flourish with various themes, techniques and aesthetic boundaries. Most contemporary Indian paintings are made with highly contrasting colours and contain imagery that is literal. Arpita's Collections is the user of this technique in the making of this Designer Birds designed Designer Birds Glass Painting with Fusion Colour.


Modern Meena

Western influences started to make an impact in Indian art during the colonial age and Modern painting in India can trace its roots during this era. The modern age is the time when the subconscious state of mind gained importance and attentions of artists and this gave birth to the abstract modern painting styles. However, a growing nationalist sentiment pervaded Indian art along with the conscious assimilation of Western styles thus reflecting ethnicity with modernity. Arpita's Collections, the maker of the Designer Birds designed Designer Birds Glass Painting with Fusion Colour is a modern Indian artist who has perfectly blended contemporary with tradition in this product.

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